Brightwell Fraud Prevention

At Brightwell, we understand the importance of protecting your money and we are committed to educating you on ways you can safeguard your funds and personal information to avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

Be smarter than the fraudsters. Learn the tricks they use to take your money, so you can keep your money safe. 

DO NOT trust emails from unknown senders. 

Fraudsters use fake email addresses. For example:, or are NOT safe. 

These are safe Brightwell emails:





Always check the sender of the email.


NEVER click on a link from an unknown sender. 

Emails or messages that urgently ask for your personal information often have links that take you to fake, look-alike websites. Fake websites may end in .xyz, .co, .biz or other combinations of letters and they are NOT safe.

These are safe Brightwell websites:



If unsure, type out to log in to your account. 



NEVER share personal information on social media.

Fraudsters will create fake Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin accounts impersonating friends, family, or employers and message you asking for personal information

Examples of scam messages:

     - Offering a bonus or extra salary

     - Urgently asking for money

If you get a message from anyone stating that they are contacting you on behalf of your employer or Brightwell or are stranded and need help, do not respond or send them any money or share personal information.

Do not ever share your card number, username, password or PIN with anyone.

Be wary of fraudsters calling you and pretending to be Brightwell support. 

Sometimes a fraudster may call you asking for personal information that could put your Brightwell account at risk. If you are unsure, do NOT share your information.

If you need phone support, call the phone number on the back of your card.
Or, open a support ticket on the Brightwell Navigator website or in the Brightwell Navigator mobile app and we will schedule a time to talk with you.


Do NOT share your PIN with anyone.

Your PIN is like a key to your money. If someone has this 4-digit secret code, they have access to get your money from an ATM or make purchases if they have your card.


Protect your PIN:

    - Cover the PIN pad as your enter your PIN.

    - Choose a PIN no one could guess.

    - Change your PIN every 6 months.

If your card or PIN is lost or stolen, open a support ticket and report it to Brightwell immediately.